Adoptions & Surrogacy: How to Prepare for the Upcoming Process

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If you have decided to grow your family through the surrogacy process, you likely feel excited and a little nervous about what lies ahead. At Hildebrand Law Office, P.C., we have helped many families with adoptions & surrogacy, and we want to assure you that, while the impending process can be complicated, adopting using a surrogate can be well worth it.

Adoptions & Surrogacy: How to Prepare for the Upcoming Process

There are many things we have noticed working on cases for adoptions & surrogacy over the years, and we want to offer some of our top tips for preparing for the process that is to come:

  • Read all the parenting books and articles you can find on adoptions & surrogacy. The more you know about the process, the better able you will be to handle the ups and downs of what is to come.
  • With any new baby, your life changes. Even if this is not your first child, start preparing mentally for some of the changes having a new baby can bring on in your life.
  • Just like with any pregnancy, working with a surrogate can be an emotional process. Find a support system through a counselor, friend, close family member, or someone else you can lean on during this time.
  • Begin babyproofing your home and gathering supplies for the new baby. Pregnancy can go quickly, so it can reduce your stress to be prepared before the baby arrives.

With adoptions & surrogacy, it is also incredibly important to protect yourself from a legal standpoint. Our office can help you do this, so contact us today to set up a consultation.