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We can help you successfully adopt from the foster care system.

Every year, thousands of children are placed in the foster care system. While many foster parents provide a secure, loving environment, some children cannot return to their parents, and they need a forever home.

DFCS Adoptions in LaFayette, Georgia

If you are interested in adopting from the foster care system, you know what a challenging yet rewarding process this is. If you had a child placed with you and have decided to move forward with the adoption process, there are many steps you must take to finalize the adoption and become the permanent legal parent of the child in your care.

We can help you manage this process at Hildebrand Law Office, P.C. We have finalized many DFCS adoptions in LaFayette, Georgia and the surrounding areas, and we are excited to help you grow your family by adopting from foster care.

Most DFCS adoptions follow a relatively standard process that can take anywhere from several weeks to several months to complete. We will be your legal point of contact at all points to ensure the adoption process goes smoothly and that you are able to finalize the adoption of your child as soon as possible.

Whether you have adopted from foster care before or this is your first experience with adoption, we are excited to be part of this journey with you. For more information about DFCS adoptions or to schedule a consultation with an attorney, contact our law firm today.

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FAQs About DFCS Adoptions

As a foster parent, there might be a time when you’re faced with the decision to adopt the child in your care. While this might seem like an easy decision, there are a few things to consider before committing. The most important thing you can do is to communicate openly with DFCS and an adoption attorney about your questions and concerns to ensure you fully understand the process. Some of the most common questions that we receive about DFCS adoptions are listed below.

What does adopting a child from foster care mean?

Children end up in foster care for different reasons. When their permanency plan transitions to adoption, their foster parents or other qualified individuals need to decide if they want to move forward with the process. Adoption is a legal proceeding that places the child permanently with adopted parents.

Who are the children in foster care who can be adopted?

Children in foster care with an adoption permanency plan were typically taken away from their birth families because they were being abused, neglected, or living in an unsafe place. They may be of different ages and races and come from different areas of the state.

How can I begin the process of adopting a child who is in foster care?

You will need to get in touch with DFCS to start the adoption process through foster care. They will tell you what you need to do and what the requirements are for adopting from foster care.

How can an attorney help with the process?

Our adoption attorneys work with families in the final stages of their placement. Typically, the child in question has already been transitioned to an adoption permanency plan, and an adoptive family has been approved. We work with the adoptive family to ensure the rules and regulations for the adoption are followed, submit legal documents, and represent them in court.

How long does it take to adopt a child from foster care?

People can adopt children at different times, but on average, it takes between a few months and more than a year from the beginning of the process to the end. The timeline is affected by the child’s needs, the law, and the number of potential available matches.

At Hildebrand Law Office, P.C., we assist clients with DFCS adoptions in LaFayette, Kensington, Rising Fawn, Ringgold, Fort Oglethorpe, and Trenton, Georgia.


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