A Quick Look at the DFCS Adoption Process

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Many people in Georgia choose to bring children into their family through the DFCS adoption process. If you want to expand your family by adopting a child currently in foster care, you may be curious about what the impending process will look like.

A Quick Look at the DFCS Adoption Process

Here are the general steps the DFCS adoption process follows:

  • Inquiry—At this point, you reach out to DFCS and let them know you are interested in adopting a child.
  • Information session—You attend an information session to learn more about the DFCS adoption process and what you can expect as a prospective parent.
  • Pre-service training—You participate in an adoption preparation program that provides comprehensive information about family evaluations, placement, supervision services, and more.
  • Family evaluation—DFCS evaluates your family after the completion of pre-service training and confirms you as a good fit to be an adoptive parent.
  • Pre-placement—You wait to have a child placed with your family. The time this takes varies from family to family.
  • Placement—A case worker will identify a child to place with your family and bring them to your home to start living with you.
  • Finalization—A hearing is held with the court to finalize the adoption after you file an adoption petition.

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