Name Changes

Life changes, and many such changes precipitate name changes. At Hildebrand Law Office, we are knowledgeable in what it takes for both adults and minor children to undergo the legal process for name changes. Whether you’re an adult wishing to petition the court for a name change, or a parent seeking to get proper authority to change a child’s name in absence of a birth parent, we can help you take the necessary steps to achieve your goals.

What steps do we take in legalizing a name change?

  • First, we schedule an initial meeting, where we will review initial information to prepare your legal filing.
  • At this meeting, we will determine:
    • whose name is being changed, and
    • what is the reason for the name change?
  • At this initial meeting, we also will make a copy of the birth certificate, so it is important to bring it with you.
  • Second, we will draft both the petition to change name, as well as the necessary publication notice.
  • Third, we have you return to the office to sign paperwork.
  • Fourth, we place the publication notice in the local newspaper.
  • Finally, 60 days after the publication notice begins running in paper, the proceeding can go to court on the next available court date. Once the judge enters the order for the name change, our office sends paperwork to Atlanta to have the new birth certificate prepared.

The service fee for a name change is $650, plus a publication cost, which is typically around $105, but includes all court costs.

To get started, please download and complete the following form. You may then email or bring the completed form in person.

Name Change Form ➣