When it comes to deeds, there are several types of deeds used to convey titles. Our office can help determine what type of deed is needed, whether it’s a general warranty deed, lifetime transfer deed, life estate deed, transfer on death deed, fiduciary deed, or quitclaim deed.

What steps do we take in preparing a deed?

  • First, we schedule an initial meeting, where we will review initial information to prepare your legal filing. At this meeting, we will make a copy of the current deed, and obtain the names of those who will be recorded on the new deed.
  • Second, our office will prepare a draft deed.
  • Finally, we schedule a meeting so you can sign the deed.

The service fee for deeds is only $62 and includes all additional fees and court costs.

To get started, please download and complete the following form. You may then email or bring the completed form in person.

Deed Information Form ➣