Custody Matters

Modifying custody of a minor child can be a challenging process. As Georgia courts are charged with keeping “the best interests of the child” in mind when it comes to custody issues, it is important that your legal case be properly prepared to satisfy those interests. Hildebrand Law Office has experience in navigating complex family issues to bring successful resolution to custody matters.

What steps do we take in preparing an uncontested custody?

  • First, we schedule an initial meeting, where we will review initial information to prepare your legal filing. At this time, we will review:
  • Who is getting custody of child?
  • What is the custodian’s address, telephone number, and date of birth?
  • Who are the parents of the child?
  • What are the reasons for the change of custody?
  • Second, we draft the custody petition, settlement agreement, acknowledgment and waiver.
  • Third, all parties come to our office to sign the necessary paperwork.
  • Fourth, we file the paperwork with the Clerk 
of Court.
  • Finally, 31 days after paperwork is filed with the Clerk of Court, we can go to court on next available court day. At this proceeding, at least one party must be present for court. The hearing is usually short; clients usually can answer “yes” to most questions. When the judge signs the order, we file the order with the court, completing the procedure. Clients are usually out of court within 45 minutes.

The service fee for custody matters is $650 and includes all additional fees and court costs.

To get started, please download and complete the following form. You may then email or bring the completed forms in person.

Custody Form ➣